Helpful Hints for Developmental Track Meets

Please print this list of expectations and hints plus the appropriate meet flyer for reference before and during developmental meets.

Rolling Schedule
Track meets run on a rolling schedule, which means other than the events that are scheduled to take place right when the meet starts, nobody can tell you with any accuracy the exact time when your child’s event will take place. Coaches may try to give you a best guess, but that’s all we can do. Meets can last several hours, so you may want to bring snacks and something to entertain younger kids.
Developmental Meet Order
In a developmental meet, events will typically run from youngest to oldest and alternate girls followed by boys unless otherwise stated in the event flyer. This means most events will begin with the 8 & U girls, then 8 & U boys, then 9-year-old girls, then 9-year-old boys, so on and so forth finishing with the 14-year-old boys. Field events can vary a bit depending on the number of pits or rings the meet is utilizing so ask a coach or meet official when you arrive.
Age Groups
Age groups are based on how old a child will be on December 31 of the current calendar year. So if your child is currently 9, but hasn’t had their birthday yet this year, they will be competing in the 10-year-old division. It is very important to understand this and listen for the right age group when it is announced. Coaches will have a list of athletes by event by age division, but it is helpful if you and your child are aware of what division they are in.
The Team Tent
When you arrive at the meet and pay your entry fee (athletes are free), we will try to make sure someone with a Comets t-shirt is there to greet you and tell you where our team tents are located, but since we have so many new faces this year it may be necessary for you to look around to locate them. If you don’t see anyone, look around the perimeter of the track in the grassy areas, find our team banner and proceed there.
Athlete Wristband
Someone will give your child their athlete’s wristband at the team tent. Kids are required to get their wristband prior to competing, so it’s very critical you plan to arrive early enough to allow time for this.
Athlete Preparedness
Coaches will make every effort to tell kids when they need to begin warming up, but often times they may be busy with athletes currently competing. It is very important that parents are aware of the schedule of events and listen for events when they are called. The announcer will typically make 3 calls: First Call, Second Call and Final Call.
Official Checkin Areas
Athletes are required to be checked into the heating tent for running events or event official for field events by the Final Call. If they don’t do so, they can and most likely will be scratched from that event and be unable to compete. Running events ALWAYS take precedent over field events, meaning if your child is long jumping and they call for a running event they are entered in, they should tell the official at the field event they’ve been called to the track and then proceed to the heating tent.
Event Results
Event results will be announced over the PA and then typically posted on a wall somewhere in the stadium. Once results are posted, you are free to proceed to the awards table and pick up your child’s medal/ribbon if they placed accordingly. Most meets require that a parent or coach pick up awards, so please don’t send your child to get them. If you need to leave the meet prior to collecting your award, please let a coach know so we can collect it for you. If you don’t tell someone there is a very high probability it won’t get picked up and your child won’t get their award.
Developmental Meets Should be FUN
Developmental meets are meant to be learning meets for everyone. Often times the meet organizers are staffing with parent volunteers (just like we will be for our meet May 10th) who may themselves be new to the sport, so have some patience and understanding. When we get to the AAU qualifying meets, things will run much more smoothly and athletes (& parents) will have a better feel for the whole process. Make sure your athlete has fun!!!
Athlete End of Meet
When your child is finished competing for the day you are free to leave the meet unless you want to stay and cheer on other Comets. If you decide to leave early and scratch an event your child is entered in, please tell a coach so we don’t spend time and energy trying to track the athlete down.