Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions about our club, events, meets, practices and more. Please take a moment to read these to see if your question is answered before contacting a staff member.


1What are the athlete ages in this club?
Our club works with all athletes aged 6 to 18. Age divisions are determined by year of birth, not school year, and are set by the AAU. A full list of age divisions can be found on our Events by Age page.
2In which events can my child participant?
Events are determined by the AAU and the full listing can be found on our Events by Age page.
3How many athletes are in the club?
This year, we anticipate approximately 120 athletes in the club.
4What is the coach to athlete ratio?
This will depend on the number of athletes participating in a particular event. The ratio for sprinters and distance runners will be higher than those for field events such as shot and discus.


1What are the registration fees? What does it cover?
Registration fees are $250 per athlete. There is a discount for multiple athlete families and for athletes who start after June 1. Please refer to our Registration & Fees" page for full details on what this fee includes.
2My child can’t start until [date]. Can the registration fee be prorated?
We offer a lower fee for athletes who start after June 1. These are typically the middle school and high school athletes who were participating with their school teams. This late date means they will have less coaching time and will need to be ready for the Qualifying meets that occur in early June. No other prorating will be provided.
3Is there a discount for multiple family members on a team?
The cost for the first athlete on the team is $250. For each additional family member, the cost is $225.


1How many coaches are there? Who are they?
You can read all about our coaching leadership on our Coachespage.
2Are there coach openings? How can I become a coach?
If you have track & field coaching experience or athletic experience at the collegiate level or higher, we’d love to talk to you about being a part of the coaching team. Please send your information and experience to Chris Torres (Head Coach) or Josh Sovereign (Club President) or use our Contact Us form to send us an email.
3Can parents help during practices?
For the most part, coaches and existing volunteers will provide plenty of coverage for practice needs.


1Do we have to take a uniform? Why does my child need a uniform?
Uniforms are part of your registration fee this year and all athletes will receive one. This will help our team look like a team and prevent any confusion/missing clothes at meets. Athletes should wear the tank top and compression shorts for meets. The t-shirt can be worn at any time.
2What should athletes wear/bring to practice?
Athletes should wear weather-appropriate and age-appropriate workout apparel. Girls should wear a sports bra if needed. If they have special shoes (see below) they should wear regular running shoes to begin practice and bring their spikes (or other specials) in a bag. Coaches will let them know if they need to switch shoes.

All Athletes should also bring their own water bottle to practices. To help prevent the spread of germs, all athletes should have their OWN water bottle.
3Should athletes wear special shoes? (spikes, throwing, jumping, etc.)
Depending on their skill level, age and events, there may be special shoes recommended such as spikes or throwing shoes. Please discuss with your individual coach(es) regarding your athlete if you’re unsure what your child might need. They are not required.
4Do you have spirit wear for parents/family?
YES! We do have Spirit Wear this year and you can order it online directly form this website.


1Are practices required? What nights are recommended if we can’t do all of them?
All three nights are not required but are recommended. If your athlete has conflicting activities (another sport, scouts, religious, family obligation, etc.) feel free to attend that as needed. You do not need to let coaches know that you won’t be at practice, unless they were expecting to work specifically with your athlete on something.
2How are practices broken down? (timing / activities)
Please refer to our Practice page for details on practice location and activities.
3Should parents stay during practice? Where can parents wait at each location?
Parents are encouraged to watch their children during practices but it is not required.
4Can parents use the track during practice?
Typically there is some space available in the outer two lanes if a parent would like to walk around the track. The kids and coaches obviously take first priority so please check with a coach first as some workout days may be more crowded than others.


1Where can I find the meet schedule?
The current season’s schedule is located on our Meet Schedule page (coming soon).
2What are Developmental Meets?
Developmental meets are smaller meets dedicated to helping young or new athletes acclimate to the sport of track and field. Coaches are typically allowed on the track infield or at the field events to coach the athletes during the event. These meets are typically run by other local teams.

We have Tips for Meets located on this site for additional reference.
3What are Qualifier Meets?
Typically beginning in early June, a series of official AAU meets are held. These become progressively more competitive throughout the summer, culminating in the National Junior Olympics. There are typically two District Qualifiers in early June, the National Qualifier in late June (usually in Joplin, MO) and then the Jr. Olympics.
4How long do meets last?
Track meets are long events! They typically start as early as 8:00 AM and could potentially last until 6:00 PM. It all depends on the number of events being run, the number of teams/athletes participating and the general organization of the host team.

Developmental meets typically have fewer athletes and events than qualifying meets but aren’t quite as organized. Be prepared to bring snacks/lunch for your family as well as lots of water and Gatorade.

We have Tips for Meets located on this site for additional reference.
5What should parents/families expect during a meet?
Track meets are long affairs and families may be sitting for long periods of time. We encourage cheering for other athletes, warming your child up as needed, and interacting with other families. We will have a Comets area in the tents.

We have Tips for Meets located on this site for additional reference.
6What should I bring to meets?
Families definitely should bring their athlete’s uniform/shoes/water bottle. Many families bring a cooler with food & drink in the them. Sunscreen is highly recommended! Lawn chairs, books, sibling entertainment, etc. are also recommended.

We have Tips for Meets located on this site for additional reference.
7What costs are covered for meets? What isn’t covered by the club?
Registration fees for most meets are included in the registration fees. The exception is the National Junior Olympics – this will be an additional meet fee should your athlete qualify and you decide to attend. No other meet costs are included in the fees. You will need to pay any gate fees, concession costs, etc. for your family.
8Do we need to attend both the Kansas and the Missouri Qualifying events?
No. It is recommended that athletes attend the Kansas Qualifier (first event). Then, they do not (and should not) attend the Missouri Qualifier (second event) UNLESS they haven’t qualified for the District Meet. By qualifying earlier, they have more time to focus on the next, bigger meet.
9What happens when an athlete qualifies in both Kansas and Missouri?
By qualifying at both events, an athlete is actually denying another athlete entry into the District Meet. We would like to encourage all Comets to attend (and qualify!) in the Kansas Qualifier and allow more athletes to experience the joy of participating in the National Qualifier meet. If you cannot attend the Kansas meet, please be sure to register for the Missouri meet.
10What happens if an athlete does not qualify in Kansas OR Missouri?
Unfortunately, if an athlete does not qualify for the district meet at either the Kansas or the Missouri meet, they will be unable to participate in the National Qualifier Meet or the National Junior Olympics. However, athletes can continue practicing with the club, growing stronger and more sure of their abilities. Remember, there’s always next year!