About Us

Who we are

The Johnson County Comets Track Club is a youth summer track club for athletes from age 6-18. The club is both recreational and competitive depending on the level of competition the various athletes would like to pursue. The club is designed to promote track and field while providing an environment for the kids to have fun and make new friends. Whether your child is looking for an activity to get in shape and make new friends or your child would like to compete at the National level against the best athletes in the country, the Johnson County Comets Track Club provides the atmosphere for success.

Club Philosophy

The Johnson County Comets’ purpose is to promote the sport of track and field to children and young adults ages 6-18. With the help of coaching from volunteer parent athletes and former athletes, our club offers experience in all aspects of track and field, including:
    1. Sprints
    2. Distance Running
    3. Hurdles
    4. Throwing Events (Shot Put, Javelin, Discus)
    5. Jumping Events (Long Jump, Triple Jump)***Limited support is offered for high jump and race walking. High jump may required additional fees based on facility availability.
The primary emphasis is for the members to have fun and compete at the level they chose to compete. Traditionally, the club has had members with interest levels ranging from summer activity – staying in shape for soccer, basketball, etc. – to a desire to compete at the national level at the AAU National Junior Olympics.

Club Goals

The Johnson County Comets Track Club is interested in assisting youth athletes in the understanding of track & field. The main emphasis is in providing a summer activity to allow the area youth to compete in several track meets, to get in shape, have fun and most importantly to reach their potential as an athlete and a person. To be able to promote a positive environment, for all athletes, parents, and coaches, we expect and promote good sportsmanship and conduct.  This includes:
    1. Have fun.
    2. Always do your best.
    3. Learn from mistakes.
    4. Show courtesy and respect.
    5. When able to make practices, arrive at practice on time and be ready to dedicate attention to my coaches and the practice.
    6. Be positive and supportive of others.