Meet Schedule

State Qualifiers

  • Region 16 Qualifier, June 23-26, Bentonville West High School, Bentonville, AR
    • Meet Schedule
      • Note: Most events will be held Friday and Saturday. All multi-events for 15+ begin Wednesday, all other multi-events will be held Thursday. Some field events begin Thursday. Check the schedule for your events.
    • Purchase spectator tickets now. Tickets must be purchased for each day you plan to attend.
    • PLEASE REMEMBER: Athletes needed to have qualified for events at either the Kansas Qualifier in Hays or the Missouri Qualifier in Liberty. Exceptions are Javelin (13-18), Pole Vault, Steeplechase and Multi-Events (Decathlon, Heptathlon, Pentathlon, and Triathlon).

Upcoming Meets

  • June 23-26 – AAU Regional Qualifier
  • July 31th-August 8th – AAU Junior Olympics
    • Humble High School, Humble, TX
      This meet is not covered by Comets club fees.

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